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Examination and Registration Information

The Board gives examinations for Tradesman Plumber-Limited License, Journeyman Plumber License, Master Plumber License, Plumbing Inspector License, Medical Gas Piping Installation Endorsement and Water Supply Protection Specialist Endorsement.

The Board also registers individuals as a Plumber's Apprentice, Drain Cleaner-Restricted Registrant, Drain Cleaner and Residential Utilities Installer.

Frequently asked questions regarding the examination and registration process:

1. Where do I get an application for examination or registration?
Applications for all types of examination and registrations, as well as all supporting documents, are available on our website under the link titled "Applications and Forms".

2. What are the requirements for examination or registration?
Requirements for examination and registration are listed on the application for each type of examination or registration. Applications are available on the website, under the link titled "Applications and Forms". Additionally, requirements are listed in the Board Rules, Sec. 363.1 (also available on the website).

3. What are the fees for examination and registration?
The fees are listed on the applications for examination or registration. Fees are also listed in the Board Rules, Sec. 361.6 (also available on the website).

4. How long does it take to process my examination or registration application?
Processing time for applications depends on the volume received. At present, complete applications are processed in approximately 30 days from the date received at the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners' office. Incomplete applications are not processed. Individuals with past criminal convictions may experience additional wait times pending the volume needing review.

5. Where are examinations given?
Examinations are given in the Board's examination center located at 929 East 41st Street. A map is available on our website. Additionally, written portions of the Journeyman and Tradesman Plumber examinations are given in Harlingen and El Paso. The practical portions of all examinations are given only in the Austin examination center.

6. When are examinations given?
The Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners gives examinations almost daily, Monday through Friday, in its examination center. Applicants are scheduled on the first available date once the completed application (and all necessary documentation) is processed and approved. Plumbing Inspector examinations are given once a month.

7. Can I register or be licensed if I have past criminal convictions?
If an applicant has past criminal convictions, they must indicate so on the application, and submit court records regarding the convictions. Additionally, the applicant must submit a "Supplemental Criminal History Information Form", and documents required as listed on the Supplemental Criminal History Information Form. All applications for individuals with past criminal convictions are reviewed by the Enforcement Committee. Section 363.2 of the Board Rules, Consequences to the Applicant with Criminal Convictions, sets forth the procedures for review of applications for applicants with criminal convictions. The Board Rules are available on the agency's website. Additionally, the Board has adopted Guidelines to determine the fitness of a person who has been convicted of a crime. These guidelines are available on the website under "Applications and Forms". It is highly recommended that any applicant who has been convicted of a crime thoroughly read both Board Rule Sec. 363.2 and the Guidelines to determine the fitness of a person who has been convicted of a crime, prior to submitting their application.

8. How do I prepare for the examination?
Examination review courses are available on our website, under the link titled "Applications and Forms".